Core Services

mapGeographical Data Analysis and Presentation

Several specialist techniques are required when dealing with geographical data. Expert knowledge in Geographical Information Systems allows us to deal with many data formats, spatial analyses methods, and spatial visualisation.

Expertise in several GIS packages, including ArcGIS, GoogleMaps API, Quantum GIS and MapServer, as well as supporting technologies, such as Python, JavaScript and SQL, and expertise in GIS techniques allow for a flexible and systematic approach to analysis and presentation of you spatial data.


Chemical Information SystemsMolecule

Many years of expertise in analysing pharmaceutical and agrochemical data, together with knowledge of the data formats and specialist software, means that we are capable of dealing with these special types of data.

Over thirty years experience in chemoinformatics research, software support, and data analysis techniques in areas such as similarity search, data mining, chemical patent search and representation, database analysis and machine learning.